Welcome to Tabula Rasa

What is Tabula Rasa? 

Literally, it is a phrase translated from Latin meaning blank slate, but what does it really signify?  Why center an entire brand on an idea that must be defined and explained in order to truly understand the significance?  It’s simple, really. 

Besides the fact that Tabula Rasa rolls off the tongue a little better than “Blank Slate Brand,” the fact that it requires a little explanation mirrors the ethos of a blank slate.  Starting fresh is not easy, especially considering one cannot actually make a mark until an opportunity is seized, effort is made, and experiences occur.  This takes work, drive, passion, and something that consumes a person to the point they can no longer sit stagnant.  Instead, they make a conscious decision to change course, hoping it is for the best but also knowing the final result may be unexpected.

We call these opportunities “blank slate moments.”   

For some people, taking advantage of these moments is just a way of life.  An opportunity presents itself and they are through the gates before the flag has even been waved.  For others, it takes time to come around to the uncertainties that a new beginning may present.  In this case, opportunities sometimes go unnoticed or may be willfully overlooked to maintain the status quo.  Our lives are so busy and overstimulated, requiring a constant juggling act.  Making a change can further complicate this delicate balance.  

That is why we tend to idealize the person that takes advantage of such a moment.

How did they do it?

How did they move past the fear?

What can we learn from their experiences?

We live in a time where so much of what is presented to the world is seen through a filter which can often do a disservice to the reality of our experiences.  In actuality, starting down a new path can be terrifying, messy, and confusing.  The blank slate moment ends as soon as we decide to pursue it, as soon as we thrust ourselves into the unknown. 

However nerve wracking this may be, a blank slate moment and the resulting journey are still exhilarating.  People keep making these leaps because regardless of the outcome, seizing their blank slate moment made an impact.  We want to tell their stories to celebrate not only the end result, but the entirety of the experience in an effort to help us all make the leap, move past the uncertainty, and wipe the slate clean.


Emily built this brand around this ethos because in a smaller, but no less significant way, how we dress ourselves and decorate our homes are daily opportunities to leave our mark on the world.  Colors, shapes, patterns and accessories all come together as an outward expression of our inner emotions.  Oftentimes, what we wear may be the only impression we leave on others, but the message is entirely at our own discretion.    

Bringing this series to life is our own blank slate moment.  We are no longer just using the concept of a blank slate as inspiration, but living it through our own stories and the stories of people we respect and admire.  The outcome is still unknown, but the journey is enlightening.   We will be tagging these stories with #blankslatemoments, and hope you share yours with the same. 

Welcome to Tabula Rasa.  

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