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Who: Lara Jade
What: Blank Slate Moments
Find Her Here: @larajadephotography
Photographer: Megan Toriglia 

Today, we talk blank slate moments with Lara Jade, an accomplished photographer who has mastered success on both sides of the lens. The British born, New York based photographer has amassed a client list of world renowned brands and international publications.

Lara has found herself in front of the lens as well, with appearances on Poland's Next Top Model as a guest photographer, speaking engagements at numerous international photography conventions, and interviews with the likes of Barney's New York and The Huffington Post. These are achievements many would be happy to see in a lifetime, Lara has done so all before 30. Read below to lean more from Lara Jade's own blank slate moments.


Describe a recent ‘blank slate’ moment.
Making much needed changes in my photography business - ending old business relationships and trying to plan the next few years with the thought of expanding.
 What was significant about this change in your life?
As a women who has been in business since I was 17,  I’ve had my fair share of ‘no’s and discrimination against my age. At the beginning of my career, I’d let everything affect me, whether it was a job option falling through, a negative meeting, or an unfavorable email. The negativity would seep into my creativity, leaving me no desire to create.

Nowadays I create for me. As an artist, you have to have a balance between creating for others (for your work) and creating for yourself.
I have always been confident in my vision, but I now feel like I am more in tune with what I create. I always say the best pieces of art are those that have a personal connection to you. I am fully invested in the concepts and clients I work with. I know that the work I produce has value.

I have to thank my late 20’s and wisdom for a lot of that, but still- if I could go back and tell the 17 year old me to slow down and to believe in myself, I would.
What felt possible afterwards that wasn’t before?

You can be a women and still be strong and confident. You can be feminine and still work hard. All it takes is a belief in yourself and knowing the value you have.

What did you learn? Or what surprised you?
That people actually respect you more when you are honest and confident.
What was challenging about the experience?
Learning to say no! It’s not my natural personality to say no or to turn down opportunities. I like to keep people happy, but I've learned that a ‘no’ isn’t always a negative.
What advice would you give for someone wanting to start fresh?
Look at things close to you - your environment and the people that surround you. Energy is such an important thing.
Be kind to yourself. Sometimes you have to be selfish. It’s okay to take a day off (especially if you’re a freelancer!) to just breathe. Oh, and give yourself events to look forward to! If you have several exciting things on the horizon you’re always looking forward!
See more of Lara's work here and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see her incredible journey!
What Lara Wore:
Blank Slate Moments Lara Jade Photography

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