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Who: Chloe King
What: Blank Slate Moments
Find Her Here: @chloe4dayz
Photographer: Ashley Hofkens


We had the opportunity of sitting down with Chloe King, the Digital Director at The Webster. Chloe's career is (to say the least) impressive. Prior to her current position, she was the PR and Social Media Director at Bergdorf Goodman's. Deemed one of the most fashionable women in NYC by Elle Magazine and one of Forbes 30 Under 30, Chloe King is certainly a main player in the fashion industry. 

Interestingly, Chloe saw the economic crisis of the early 2010's as an opportunity to take a risk and pursue a career in the fashion world. Considering how successful she has been, it is difficult to imagine that she once felt unqualified to work in fashion. Chloe has proved to herself and to her colleagues that she is not just capable, but absolutely outstanding. Read more about Chloe's blank slate moments below. 


Describe a "blank slate" moment and explain what was significant about this change in your life?

As cliche as this sounds, moving to New York City really set me on a new path in my 20s. I had always loved fashion but didn't think I was qualified or capable to pursue fashion as a profession. But a small silver lining of the job crisis was that it was difficult to get any job. So I figured, I would rather just pack up everything and see if I could get a job in fashion, than wonder what if.

What felt possible afterwards that wasn’t before?

 That it was possible to find a job that was also your passion. To be paid to go to work all day and talk about things you are interested in, and then go home and keep reading and learning and meeting people because you want to. It was exciting to hear that while I didn't have a traditional fashion background, my experiences shaped a unique point of view that was valued.

What did you learn? Or what surprised you?

I learned that sometimes the harshest limits are the ones we put on ourselves. I decided I would let someone else tell me I was under qualified or over ambitious, rather than restricting myself. What surprised me was that it's ultimately the same traits that help you get through any new city, new job or scary situation: be kind to people, be patient with yourself, be resourceful, don't get discouraged. 

What was challenging about the experience?

Everything about New York City is challenging. It's hard to lug an air conditioning unit up 4 flights of stairs to your tiny apartment in the July heat. It's hard to get to work when the subway randomly closes! It's hard to even pick up your dry cleaning when it closes at 5pm and you work until 8pm, but you get used to the challenges and I think in a way they become a common ground among New Yorkers.

What advice would you give for someone wanting a fresh start?

 Be patient. Have a plan. Think about what is unique to you, and be confident in what you have to offer. Be interested in others. In any industry, paths cross in a way you can never expect!

Find Chloe and follow her on Instagram. 
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