‘Philosophically I see textile design as a way of exploring how we style ourselves and our surroundings – how we create our own sense of home. 

The Latin phrase tabula rasa – translated as ‘blank slate’ – embodies this exploration. The notion that we are given an opportunity to put our stamp on any space we enter, or the way we present ourselves to the world. I love the whole concept of blank slate – its promise of pressing refresh and experiencing the world anew. My ‘blank slate moments’ have often felt strongest when traveling. The excitement wrapped up in imminent discovery that in turn creates the opportunity to learn something new about the world and yourself is so wonderfully addictive – and no more have I found this than travel’s deepening of my truest love: textiles. 

In each corner of the earth and across centuries textile-making has been and remains an integral part of our societies – each knot interlaces the stories of space and surroundings into a tapestry born out of a blank slate moment. Made in admiration for traditional craftsmanship Tabula Rasa designs look to entwine the spirit of discovery and the practiced art of knitting with the comfort of feeling at home.’



Born of mixed Euro Asian descent Emily was raised in the United Kingdom. Having been inspired from a young age by the making process and the stories behind textiles Emily has made it her lifelong passion to deepen her knowledge of knitwear craftsmanship and design. Living in Hong Kong for four years gave birth to a love of travel and the chance for Emily to hone her skills and define her designer point of view. After more than a decade working at international luxury design houses in Hong Kong, London and New York, Emily brought her love of travel and discovery into her passion for textiles to create Tabula Rasa.